Vermont Nursing Home Increase Vaccinations Compliance

Success Story IconThompson House Nursing Home is a 42-bed Skilled Nursing Facility in Brattleboro, VT, that had a composite score of 17.09 as of February 2017. Facility leadership recognized that immunization compliance was a major contributing factor to their high composite score.

Vermont Nursing HomeIn 2017, their immunization compliance scores were at 73% for the flu vaccine and 63.3% for pneumonia vaccine. After realizing these rates were unacceptable, they audited their current residents for needs and implemented a new policy to sustain improvement. Their new policy implemented protocols for identifying immunization needs for all new residents within 72 hours of their admission, tracking those immunization needs and updating their status accordingly. Compliance with the policy was measured by obtaining the information from chart audits and administering the vaccines as indicated. In reviewing the data through 2018, Thompson House increased compliance with the flu vaccine and pneumonia vaccine to 97.3% and 100% respectively.

As a result of their effort to increase vaccinations compliance, as well as other initiatives at the nursing home, the New England QIN-QIO staff in Vermont has helped the Thompson House reduce and sustain their overall composite score to a range between 7.0 and 5.83! By embracing change, the entire nursing home staff helped maximize quality outcomes for their residents.