Patient Benefits from New Hampshire Diabetes Self-Management Program Workshop

Earlier this year, New Hampshire staff members from the New England QIN-QIO led a six-week Diabetes-Self-Management Program (DSMP) workshop at a primary care practice in Claremont, NH. This workshop was held for patients of the practices who had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes.

The need to hold the workshop was pressing, as all of the attendees were struggling to control their diabetes and had expressed interest in making changes to improve their health. One of these specific patients was a woman named Nancy H. Nancy was on multiple medications, including insulin, and had a number of chronic illnesses, which included Diabetes and COPD. She was committed to getting everything she could out of the DSMP workshop, and only missed one out of six classes.

When the workshop was over, the NH staff members called all of the participants who attended four out of the six classes. All expressed their gratitude for the class, and said that they continued to use the resources and tools they were taught to manage their diabetes.

When Nancy was called by the team, she shared some impressive results. Completing DSMP had changed the way she managed her diabetes. “I began weighing my food, and watching my portions,” she said. “I have lost 19 lbs!” I was having a lot of low blood sugars after I lost weight. I went in to see my doctor and she reduced the amount of daily insulin I take. I think this is because of my weight loss.”

Another DSMP workshop will be held at the same primary care practice, and Nancy has stated that she will be attending. Her story, along with many others, highlight the benefits and importance that DSMP classes have on those who are trying to self-manage their health.