Series 2: Care Transitions

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Series 2 - Podcasts

Care Transitions and the Role of the Community Physician Office

Presented by Rebekah Gardner, MD and Lynne Chase, NE QIN-QIO

Topics include:
  • Defining Care Transitions
  • Ways to help patients transition out of any healthcare settings safely
  • Importance of communication between providers for smooth transitions
  • Details on reimbursement for additional outreach
  • Updates to the Medicare Readmissions Reduction Program
Podcast Materials:

Medication Management: Techniques on Managing Complex Medication Regimens

Presented by Marghie Giuliano, R.Ph., CAE, Executive Vice President Connecticut Pharmacists Association John DeStefano, NE QIN-QIO

Topics include:
  • Defining Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
  • Process of selecting and engaging patients in MTM
  • Accessing and providing MTM services, including payment arrangements
  • Outcomes of MTM, including enhanced patient care
Podcast Materials:

An Introduction to CMS’s Transitional Care Management Services Codes

Presented by John DeStefano and Laura Schwartz, NE QIN-QIO

Topics include:
  • An overview of the Transitional Care Management (TCM) services
  • Identifying types of beneficiaries TCM serves
  • Highlighting services that providers are required to perform in order to bill for TCM
  • Further clarification and information on billing TCM codes
Podcast Materials: