Meet Sarah from New Hampshire

Each month, we will feature one of our advisors from the New England QIN-QIO Patient and Family Advisory Council.

This month, meet Sarah Schoonman from New Hampshire.


Why did you want to join the New England QIN-QIO Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC)?

I have over 50 years of experience working with hospitals and provider practices. My responsibilities as the Director of Health Information Management were to ensure that the patient’s medical records were held in accordance with all the rules and regulations to ensure patient confidentiality. I have also had the experience of being a patient.

I believe that my experience can be of assistance in identifying difficulties and issues that could enhance or become a road block to a better outcome. My experience will help to define those roadblocks and to find ways to improve.

What types of projects/activities have you been working on as a PFAC member?

I have provided my story as a patient with chronic, severe back pain, outlining my journey including problems with communication, opioid treatment, and delays in treatment. My story was also presented on a national Learning and Action Network (LAN) event and to the New England QIN-QIO PFAC. My story is being videotaped for future presentations for provider education on the hazards of opioid treatment.

I attended the New England QIN-QIO PFAC face-to-face meeting in September where we worked as a team on improving provider and patient communication and discharge planning.

What do you like about the projects/activities you are working on or have been involved with? How do you feel you are making an impact?

I am excited to part of a group working on patient experience and outcomes. I hope that my contributions can be of help on this important endeavor. I am have impressed with the entire PFAC and their work on making significant improvements in healthcare.