Meet Randy Gonchar from Massachusetts

Each month, we will feature one of our advisors from the New England QIN-QIO Patient and Family Advisory Council.

This month, meet Randy Gonchar from Massachusetts.


Why did you want to join the New England QIN-QIO Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC)?

I am a retired finance professional who is involved with numerous patient-family engagement groups including Beth Israel Deaconess Healthcare. I joined the New England QIN-QIO PFAC to expand my horizons outside of a hospital setting and to explore ways to improve healthcare and patient care experience. I enjoy reviewing educational materials and sharing my personal healthcare experience with others.

What types of projects/activities have you been working on as a PFAC member?

As a PFAC Advisor, I have been actively working on a variety of projects including a Rehab Care Plan, participation on the PFAC Marketing Work Group and Anti-Coagulation Work Group and reviewed several articles. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend related and relevant informational webinars hosted by the New England QIN-QIO.

What do you like about the projects/activities you are working on or have been involved with? How do you feel you are making an impact?

I enjoy being a part of the New England QIN-QIO PFAC because I feel I am helping the team to develop patient-focused educational materials. Having the opportunity to work with this group provides me with better insight on the current healthcare scenario including the key issues and concerns and focus on improvement.